Fertility Enhancing Techniques Material

Moxa Sticks

You can find moxabustion sticks at a local acupuncturist or health store.  We recommend trying to find smokeless moxa sticks. (the brand is not important)

IN USA:  Click here

IN  Europe: Click here


Vaginal Steam Baths:

Chair for the steam baths: You'll need a chair similar to what you can see on the graphic above and several dry herbs. You can find similar ones in Amazon - click here to see our preferred ones.

For herb blend:  If you're in the US or Canada, we recommend getting our custom herb blend here.  (*COUPON CODE: SPECIAL for a 25% off)

If you're outside the US or Canada - we recommend checking the list of herbs needed, finding them locally and mixing at home.  The herbs need to be organic, dry herbs with a similar composition. Try getting as many of the ones listed at the vaginal steam instructions as you can.  If you'd like getting our blend, please note that shipping health care products overseas come with a expensive shipping cost and might have custom fees.

Castor Oil Packs:

You'll need organic castor oil (cold pressed) and a wool or cotton (unbleached) white flannel. Here you can find our preferred brands - but any organic high quality one you can find locally should be good

You'll need acupressure seeds or acupressure tabs (they are almost the same) The easiest would be getting them at a local acupuncture clinic. You can also use your fingers or buy acupressure seeds at a local acupuncturist

If you're in the US: Seeds for Fertility (special for MFS)
*COUPON CODE: SPECIAL for a 25% off