#1 - Instructions for Testing

Before you meet with Marc or his team please take a moment to send us your medical records and labs.  More is always better than less, but at the very least please send everything for the last year.

Please include any tests and records regardless if they were related to your fertility journey or not; we want to get a better idea for how your entire body is functioning.

Here is a list of labs we would like for you to have if you have not had these in the last 6 months:

  • On day 2, 3 or 4 of your menstrual cycle - (please do these fasting)
    • FSH, LH, E2 (get them here)
    • AMH / Anti-Mullerian Hormone ( (get it here)
    • Prolactin  (get it here)
    • Testosterone (free and total), SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin)  (get them here)
    • DHEA-s (This one can be done with the DUTCH test if you decide to get that testing done. More info below)